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Wholesale Information

Are you a Judaica store, synagogue gift shop, or a retailer with a large Jewish clientele? We’d love to work with you.

Our products are available at a wholesale price of 60% of the suggested retail price:
  • DVDs: suggested retail price of $19.95, wholesale price of $12
  • CDs: suggested retail price of $14.95, wholesale price of $9
Other wholesale account policies:
  • Our minimum initial order is 12 units (in any combination of skus)
  • We can include sample DVDs and/or CDs for store demo with your first order
  • Shipping is $8.95 flat rate for most orders
  • We can take your credit card over the phone or include an invoice in the box with 30 day terms

If you prefer to order from a distributor, we’re also distributed through Sameach Judaica and SoundsWrite Productions. Please inquire with these companies for prices and shipping policies.

Ready to get started? Mazel Tov! Just contact us using the form below, email us at info@oybaby.com, or call us at 206-275-4191 between 9AM and 10PM Pacific Time. Let us know how many of each you’d like, and we’ll get them out to you in a jiffy.

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