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Performance held at The Jewish Public Library Sunday, October 17 from 3-4pm

OyBaby™ Creating Products for Jewish Babies(and the grownups who love them)

Songs from the hit video and CD to be performed live for the first time

(LOS ANGELES— October 5, 2004) The Schneiderman Sisters will perform the music from the popular video for Jewish babies, OyBaby™ (, in a first-ever live performance for the Daniel Pearl Music Day. The event will be held at the Jewish Public Library Sunday, October 17 from 3-4pm (corner of San Vicente and Wilshire, east of Beverly Hills). Daniel Pearl Music Day is a global network of performances that uses the language of music to promote Harmony for Humanity. From east to west and north to south, people on all continents and in dozens of countries will unite through music on the third annual Daniel Pearl Music Day – October 8-17, 2004 – to stand up to the hatred and intolerance that took Daniel’s life. Daniel Pearl was a talented classically trained violinist fiddler and mandolin player who used his passion for music to form friendships across cultural and verbal divides. Danny lived a life that knew no geographical boundaries, with a spirit that knew no prejudice.

“We are honored to be a part of this special day. Religion should never divide us. It should be a place where we accept one another and take pride in who we are and where we come from. OyBaby is a project that celebrates our cultural heritage. We share in the values that Daniel Pearl stood for and are so excited to be included in an event that is helping to bridge the gap of prejudice all over the world,” states vocalist Lisa Schneiderman.

The OyBaby family of products—a DVD, VHS videocassette, and audio CD made especially for Jewish babies has been grass-roots success with Jewish families across the US. From new moms’ groups to retirement communities of kibitzing “bubbes,” the word on OyBaby is out. Since its release in November of 2003, OyBaby has sold nearly 3,000 copies, mostly through positive word-of-mouth from the parents and grandparents who enjoy it with the babies in their lives.

Inspired by their sixth month old baby, company founders Rob and Lisi Wolf teamed with The Schneiderman Sisters to create an entirely new type of product for the Judaica market.

Its visuals are a colorful mix of Judaica, toys, puppets, nature, and children designed to be enjoyed by Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox Jews alike.

Sisters Stephanie Schneiderman, Lisa Schneiderman, and Kim Palumbis create soaring harmonies and soothing melodies to form the soundtrack of OyBaby. The music is a captivating journey of familiar Hebrew songs for both babies and any nearby adults to enjoy. From the jungle-drum infused rhythms of Zum Gali Gali to a swinging jazz rendition of Eitz Chayim, the music spans many styles but is consistently performed with beauty and love.

OyBaby marked the first time their beautiful voices were captured together in a recording studio. “We had heard the three of them sing together before, and knew that they could create the exact sound we wanted for the OyBaby products,” states Rob. “It’s the sound of ‘friendship circles’ and Friday night services in the woods on a muggy July night—but with better production values!”

On October 17, this acclaimed music will be performed live for the very first time as part of the global celebration of Daniel Pearl’s life. The number of concerts on behalf of the Daniel Pearl Music Day doubles every year thanks to the spirit and enthusiasm of musicians, music lovers and volunteers all over the world. Tens of thousands already have joined this global community celebrating the ideals for which Daniel Pearl stood—cross cultural understanding, mutual respect and tolerance.

Rob Wolf is the originator of the OyBaby concept and the editor/designer of the video. When not working on OyBaby, Rob has a “day job” as a Product Manager for a software company. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Rob grew up with strong Jewish roots in that city’s large and close-knit Jewish community.

Lisi Mezistrano Wolf is the sales and operations arm of OyBaby. Born, raised, and now raising a family of her own in Mercer Island, Washington, Lisi also grew up with a strong Jewish identity as part of Seattle’s sizable Sephardic Jewish community. She has recently left the world of telecommunications to become a stay at home mom to Rob and Lisi’s son and daughter.

Stephanie Schneiderman is a professional musician and the producer of the music on OyBaby. She has released a number of solo CD’s and tours extensively throughout the Northwest. Her music is played on Adult Contemporary radio stations in Portland and Seattle, and was selected as an opening act for the Lilith Fair music festival. More on Stephanie’s solo work can be found at

Lisa Schneiderman is a vocalist and is the Executive Vice President for Solters & Digney Public Relations firm in Los Angeles. Lisa also spends time volunteering for many cause related organizations and is an advocate for children, especially at-risk youth.

Kim Palumbis is a vocalist, teacher, and mother of two in Portland, Oregon. She recorded vocals for OyBaby just days before giving birth to her second child.

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